ORGIL TRADE CENTER has been awarded to “TOP 100 Enterprise” once more.

Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and Government of Mongolia exemplifies the “TOP 100” enterprises that is contributing to the socioeconomic development of Mongolia every year.

Huge congratulations to our people.
Our team is selected by Bloomberg TV Mongolia 2017 "Viewers Award" which celebrated for 5th year.

This is an honour for us to receive for such prestigious award as commercial enterprise.  

Therefore, we would like to thank all our Orgil Trade (Commercial) Centre's  customers and business partners for our collective efforts. 
In 7th- 12nd May of 2015 our three big cooperating companies Representatives visited our company DMK, Scandic Food and Natra.

                DMK is one of the leading cheese producing companies in Europe. In our Mongolia market the big Pizza restaurants are using this company’s cheese named “Oldenburger”.

                Asian regional manager Mrs. Xiangrong Zhou visited to our company. She visited our chain Supermarket “Orgil” and learned about Mongolian market.

                In 8th of May of 2015 Scandic Food company’s Executive Director Mr. Jesper Kelly Innes visited to our company. Mr. Jesper Kelly Innes met with General Director of Circle Co., Ltd  Mr. Ganbaatar. J During the meeting Scandic food and Circle Companies made the exclusive contract.

                The famous "Gold M" chocolate cream producing company’s Head of department Mr. Javier Astigarraga visited our company. Mr. Javier Astigarraga and our General director Mr. Ganbaatr. J resigned new exclusive contract.

“Kids shop” store has just been opened

Orgil trade center is opening Kids shop at Encanto Town branch in the framework of expanding kids section. Wide range of worldwide famous kids’ brand shoes and toys are being sold in our store.

Kids’ shoes:



         LURCHI-Salamander (German)


         VTECH (Electronic Toys from Hong Kong to enhance child’s learning experience, develop imaginations and encourage language development.)

         RASTAR (Rc cars from Hong Kong)

         CARRERA(Austrian slot cars and Rc cars)

         FARO(Italian colorful role play toys)

         KEEL TOYS(British plush toys)

         TEDDY-HERMANN(German plush toys)

          HAPE( German wooden toys)

Every child visiting on opening day will have gift. We are kindly inviting you.

Opening: May 15th, 2015

Address: Bayanzurkh district, 26th khoroo, Great Mongolian street, Encanto town, Orgil center, 1st floor

For further information\: 88103799

Awardees of Director’s Award are traveling to Jeju island, Korea!

      Every year leading employees are awarded overseas trip and this year Ouyunbileg J.- Manager of Encanto town branch, Dendevsuren B. – driver, Tugs-Erdene B. – storeman, Oyunchimeg S. –general accountant, Sodonchimeg – shop assistant are traveling to Jeju, Korea. We wish you good luck

Top 21 participants of Universe Best Songs 2015 of UBS Television visited our company.

         Our “Orgil” trade center is cooperating with UNIVERSE BEST SONGS 2015 broadcast as sponsor. 

Top participants were introduced to our company and had a merry time. Good luck, top 21! 

Starting from January 26th Venizea Ceramics Tiles are officially being sold in Orgil Supermarket in Encanto Town.

Here are brief introduction about Venizea Ceramics.

      Italian Venizea Ceramics has established in 1999, located in Foshan , where is well-known and convenient ceramic’s industrial city in Guangdong province  , Venizea Ceramics have gained high reputation in worldwide market for 15 years of working success, and it continuing to export their good around the world.

More than 220 nationals are patentee for new tech products Certificates of GB/728001, Occupational Health and Safety Certificates of ISO9001:2008,  Quality Management System Certificates of ISO14001:2004, Environmental Management System CE Certificate

               There are 3 types of Tile Choices

1.Polished Porcelain Tile Series: There are 5 types of  tiles , but you can order  in any size you want

2.Glazed Tile Series: There are 6 types of  tiles  , but also you can order in any color, picture , size and types.

3.Ceramic Tile: There are 8 types of  tiles  , but also you can order in any color, picture , size and types.

Make your home comfortable by choosing from our store.

World’s best stationery store CAMPAP store has been officially opened in our Orgil Supermarket located in Encanto Town.

       Not only in Malaysia, also asia’s best stationery store CAMPAP has been opened and it is selling all kinds of stationery products. The products of the CAMPAP are unique, because it is all originated from nature, prevalent because their paper is made of pure woods. Lately notebooks are being made from junks by using chemicals, and it is proven that lot of children are being empoisoned by it. That’s the reason why Orgil Supermarket chose Malaysian stationery brand “CAMPAP” for their customers’ safety and quality. Our customers are satisfied with it. Starting from 12sheet to 96 sheet students notebooks, A4 sized, and all kinds of notebooks and papers are available in CAMPAP. The papers are of high quality and it won’t get ghastly, when you write with any kind of pens. Orgil Supermarket is official distributor of  “CAMPAP” Brand.

Here are the specialities of the “CAMPAP” notebook

It fulfilled all Mongolian standards ,lines measured: height of 21cm equals to 210mm, width:17cm equal to 170mm. Some of notebooks in the Mongolian market do not meet this standard and harms customer.

The notebook covers are quite colorful, glossy and it won’t crease and get smutty easily, also it has many selections of cover pictures. One of the biggest advantages is the cheapest price.

In 4th of December 2014 seven big Poland Food export companies communities was visited our company.

     The Poland 7 food export companies are one of the leading food producing companies in Poland. They were mat with Head of department of Circle Co., Ltd. The companies was offered to sell their products in “Orgil” Chain Supermarkets.  

Delegates of “Slavyanka” , top manufacturer of food stuff in Russia, visited our company.

      On 27th of November, 2014, Alexander Borisov, director of the export department of the Russian top food stuff manufacturer “Slavyanka”, visited our company.

After acquainting with our company, he met with Davaajav S., Director of International Relations, and Ayurdorj E., International Relations Manager. 

“Encanto Town” was awarded special prize of “Award for the Best Construction of the Capital” Ceremony for the first 7-storey car parking garage in Mongolia.

      The “Award for the Best Construction of the Capital” Ceremony was held 2nd time, greeting 375th Anniversary of the Capital city, aimed at selecting the best entity that has made concrete contributions to development of Ulan-Bator, constructed building, which meets international standards.

In the Ceremony “Encanto Town”, “Garden for Four Seasons”, “Gegeenten Complex”, “Buyant Ukhaa-1 district”, “Internet Hospital”, “Ulan-Bator Sculpture”, “Mongolian-German Joint School of Technology”, “Bloomberg Tower” were nominated for the “Construction of Building” and “Encanto Town” was awarded special prize for the first 7-storey car parking garage in Mongolia.


    “Family Supporting National Program” is being organized in the framework of 2014 is “Family Supporting Year” which is declared by the Government of Mongolia.

The campaign is aimed at concrete supports to the people’s living and livelihood raise. Bayanzurkh district 26th khoroo and Orgil trade center helped residents of 26th khoroo, families that have necessary need of support, with consumer food products.

Regular “Free taste” promotion started

     “Free taste” promotion on Acbar Tea, Tong Garden /organic nuts and fruit collection/ is being held at Orgil supermarket chain stores. The promotion will be held from 31st October -2nd November 2014.

Please come visit our stores


      “Circle ” Co., LTD has successfully organized basketball competition among chain-stores, construction branch, warehouse, marketing, contract distributors and the tournament has ended with fierce competition

12 men’s team and 9 women’s team have participated in the competition:

Men’s team:

1st place team “Hero”, Amgalan branch

2nd place team “Simsek”, contract distributors

3rd place team “Tatawa”, Selling team

Women’s team:

1st place team “Sherodans”, Shiltgeen branch

2nd place team “Baristo”. Amgalan branch

3rd place team “Akbar”, office employees were given Cup, Medals and Cash Awards.

In the framework of competition above player were selected:

·         Best player of man nominated - Ankhbayar from Amgalan branch

·         Best player of woman nominated – Bayarchimeg from Shiltgeen branch

·         Best greetings nominated – Amgalan branch

·         Best fans nominated – Encanto branch

·         Competition among audience nominated – Otgonbayar from Amgalan branch.

In addition, “Circle” Co., LTD organizes Basketball Cup Tournament every year taking a one-day break, which enhances activity of workers. On the other side our company encourages youth health and social society.


     “CIRCLE” Co., Ltd was nominated for building7 storied and 14 levels car park, 11 storied  sport complex and was selected as “LEADERS OF ENTREPRENEUR , Know-How” and awarded BRONZE MERCURI cup. Leaders of entreneur 2013, organized by Mongoloian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The member organizations are coming to go over with the activity of our company on 23.10. 2014.

In “National Tree Planting Day” Encanto Town project team and Orgil Supermarket team was planted tree and made a garden.

        “National Tree Planting Day” was founded by Mongolian President three years ago. The employee of the Orgil supermarket, Encanto Town’s employees and residents of the Encanto town are planted a spruce and brow tree. They made garden in “ENCANTO TOWN”. 

The Spruce is good for the human health and making the fresh air. For the Brown tree is also making the fresh air and smells aroma.


        On the days from October 8 to October 10 has visited export manager for Asian countries, Vasily Zenich of the world-known Ukrainian company "Roshen", which is more than 15 years with our company.

He has been arranged official conference with the general director Ganbaatar.J, International Business director Davaajav.S and International relations manager Ayurdorj.E to generate new partnership relations and the further future business.

Our one of the good stationary partner CAMPAP “CHEE WAH” company’s General Director and Head of Export department visited to our company.

         In September of 29th – October of 2nd Our one of biggest stationary partner CAMPAP “CHEE WAH” Company’s General director MR. KHOR SAY BENG and Head of Export department MR. Khor Wan Sen visited to our company.

 General Director Of Circle LLC MR. Ganbaatar.J and Foreign Relations Head of department had a official meeting with MR. KHOR SAY BENG and MR. Khor Wan Sen. in this meeting our two companies partnership become in a new high level. Our two General Director signed to open Showroom of CAMPAP in Orgil Supermarket “Encanto Town”.

The Natra's head of sales department has visited to our company. The Natra is one of the leading and biggest company by producing chocolate products in Europe.

      In 16-18th days of September , 2014. Head of sales department of Natra’s company  Mr. Javier Astigarraga visited in our company.

He has been introduced to our company operations and selling procedure. Also arranged official meeting with the, International Relations director Davaajav.S and International relations manager Battogtokh.B

in this meeting our two companies partnership become in a new high level. Soon we will introduce our new Natra products to our customers.


    Top shopping center " Orgil Supermarket" gives you a chance shopping with a bicycle.

Our shopping mall opened a bicycle parking. In Encanto Town.

We will take care of your bicycle,

We are trying best comfortable shopping area for our customers.