About us
Circe LLC was founded in 1996 and since then it has been operating in 3 trading fields foreign trade, retail and construction.
In the beginning we only imported goods from Russia but nowadays we import highest quality  goods including foodstuff, stationary, household goods and construction materials from 86 companies from 25 countries. 
Our company’s second business is operation in trade and service field by supermarkets and wholesaling centers.Currently, we deliver our imported goods to our Mongolian customers through our ORGIL supermarkets.
Orgil supermarket is respected by Mongolia customers and currently we have 8 ORGIL supermarkets and many wholesaling centers. Besides of offering affordable price, we keep the goods in condition that meets all the requirements of sanitary and modern technology. Also, we deliver our goods to our countryside customers by our agents in the regions.
In 2007 Circle LLC made investment in construction sector and established Camder LLC and operating in Mongolian construction sector successfully.
Camder LLC is currently implementing buildings of Encanto town, trade and service center, sport complex, office and hotel in Olympic town which is best location in Ulaanbaatar.
There are over 600 employees working in our company in finance, marketing, human resource, sales and supermarkets.
Circle LLC has been awarded TOP 100 companies from Mongolian Commerce Chamber 6 year in row.
We would like to thank you for our customers and partners.