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    Address:District Bayanzurkh 26th khoroo,
    Mongol state street "Circle" LLC office

    Human resource office

    Address:3,4-khoroolol Orgil Wholesale
    center 3 floor human resource department
    Phone:70113034, 99043814, 99104136


Our mission:

We enjoying the best work environment, competitive salary and benefits, as well as proper management policies aim to create satisfaction to, not just the responsibility imposed on you but will help you to become  a true leader. Besides of recruiting Human Resources also organize regularly staff training, experience rising training and skilled worker’s training.

  • ORGIL TRADE CENTER is one of Mongolian biggest TOP TRADING CENTERS and our business is getting wide and growing up day by day.
  • We offer you a good working environment and competitive salary with skilled, an energetic and friendly staff.

Society supply: in addition to salary, the employees of “Circle” LLC, “MONNIDER” LLC and “ORGIL TRADE CENTER” have got variety of discounts, bonuses and supplies. These include:

Benefits and assistance

The Company has focused on social aspects of staff like “Marriage, newborn, sudden/hazard accidents” and offers multiple benefits.

Salary loan

Our company together with Golomt Bank provides a loan based on employees salary, to help in solving some financial issues of the workers.

Bonus and rewards

Each year, every employee’s job performance is evaluated and the highest one from each department gets incentives by Abroad Travel Voucher. The number of worker who got rewarded by ATV is increasing year by year. And the best staff award and prize incentives each year.

Public events

Employees to improve productivity and opportunity to show self-discovery, team work, and to create a social climate in many competitions are organized. Every year, including the company's total staff, fun, leisure, entertainment and sports events are organized.



  • Accountant
  • Supermarket treasurer
  • Head of marketing department
  • Marketing manager
  • Director in supermarket chain
  • Head of Sales
  • Supermarket administrator
  • Seller
  • Cashier
  • Shield


The Orgil Group has Open policy in recruiting the workers and favorable to issuing job for everyone who is innovative, team worker with strong ability for adaptation.
Recruitment phases: